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Lesedi Local Municipality has concluded the process of reviewing the Integrated Development Plan (IDP) for 2014/15 as required and guided by the Municipal Systems Act (MSA) and in line with Municipal Finance Management Act (MFMA).

As the key guiding document, the IDP is a principal strategic planning instrument which guides, informs all planning, developments and decisions of the municipality. The municipality is obliged by law to review its IDP in order to accommodate the ever changing circumstances within the municipal space. The IDP review assists the municipality to utilize the available resources to address the needs of the community.

During this year’s IDP review process a number of consultation meetings were conducted in various wards of the municipality to ensure broader participation and contributions by different stakeholders. These consultation meetings were held at Ratanda, Heidelberg and Devon respectively; stakeholder inputs were fully considered during the planning process and were included in the reviewed IDP 2014/2015.

Furthermore the LLM has reviewed its vision and mission aiming to develop and implement strategies that are able to deliver quality services to the community.

On the 27th of March 2014, Council approved the draft IDP 2014/2015 and the document was publicized and placed on LLM website, municipal buildings and libraries. Through this open process the public was then provided with the opportunity to comment on the document and such comments were considered when finalizing the IDP. The draft IDP has also been submitted to the Department of Corporate Governance and Traditional Affairs for their comments and distribution to various sector departments. The final steps in the process is tabling of the final draft IDP to Council on the 27th May 2014 for final approval. Activities documented in this IDP are a testimony as to how the Municipality and its stakeholders are contributing towards improving the quality of life of the people of Lesedi.

Finally, we would like to thank all the stakeholders’ for their continuous commitment and dedication towards the course of achieving common objectives and goals to benefit the people of Lesedi. The municipality will continue to embark on a programme to enhance public participation thereby ensuring that communities are involved in decisions that affect their lives.