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Lesedi Local Municipality addresses protest issues

Community raised this issue: High rates and Non Consultation,

The Municipality calls on interested people & parties to participate on consultations for the determination of new tariff structure for the new financial of 2012/13. The municipality has commenced consultations. All municipal policies were reviewed adopted by Council on the 5th June 2012. The reviewed policies were effectively implemented as from 1 July 2012. Communities are advised to familiarize themselves with the policies & talk to the municipality for clarity, concerns & questions.

Eskom versus municipal electricity distribution

COGTA is undertaking a study to determine feasibility & viability of Eskom distributing electricity directly to the community. The report required. The advice from COGTA is for the municipality & the community to address the challenges rather than to move the responsibility to Eskom as electricity is one of the identified services to be provided at a local level.

50/50 system

The system was abolished with immediate effect and the dead line was 18 April 2012.

Blocked customers

All blocked customers were unblocked.

Cutting of cables

The municipality has replaced cut cables. Additional list was received from RCF. The total house hold reconnected is 957 from the original list of 814.

Ill treatment of community

Customer care centre called Service User Support Office (SUSO) is opened. The municipality has trained staff to operate the office. Turnaround times are improving.

The quality of the Bills - water load management as a credit control measure

Smart metering is on the cards to be introduced. Municipality is lobbying for funds from COGTA, treasury, & other potential funders. MISA engineers are deployed to assist with assessment. The water trickling system is contemplated.

Implementation of Indigent policy

The Indigent policy was reviewed and implemented as from 1 July 2012 on criteria & definition. Turnaround time will be reduced to 3 months for applicants to know their status of application. Municipality has called upon qualifying people to register as Indigents.

Lack of accessibility to sporting facilities

Two pieces of land were identified and consultation was undertaken with sporting codes on the appropriate choice.

Non-payment of services by Hostel dwellers

The hostels will be converted into family units and meters will be installed to bill accordingly. 1st phase to be completed by end of November 2012. There are 24 family units built and the outstanding issue is electrification of the units. The Gauteng department of housing has indicated that they do not have money to install electricity. The municipality did not budget for this hence there is no money to install electricity. An audit was taken and finalised for hostel dwellers. Currenty there are 205 room in the hostel housing 308 peoples. The municipality is unable to bill the residents as there is only one central meter box for the entire hostel. The Gauteng Department of Housing is intending to upgrade the hostel including the installation of electric pre-paid meters and water meters for each residents. The upgrading will commence early next year.

Inaccessibility of pay-points

Mobile offices will be rented as temporary measure, while identifying alternative service deliver points and fixing those damaged during the protest. Stands have been identified to house the mobile ofices.

Nepotism at some offices of the municipality and/or corruption

The municipality made available employment policies to the Steering Committee for scrutiny and the community is urged to substantiate and provide evidence of malpractice for the matters to be followed up. It was further agreed that the matter must be taken out of the table and referred to relevant agencies. The matter is regarded as closed.

Abuse of municipal vehicles

The municipality undertakes to implement the transport policy and tighten loopholes and those found to be transgressing will be brought to book. Communities are urged to report abuse.

Unproductive or lack of public participation

The municipality has drawn a programme to embark on Masakhane campaign and to revitalise the ward system and ensure ward committees are elected where they do not exist. The process is ongoing as Councillors have agreed to hold their meetings monthly. Those monthly meeting are undertaken as agreed.

Free basic water and electricity

The municipality is providing free 6 kl of basic water and 50 kw electricity to approved Indigents.

Accurate meter readings

The municpality constantly embarked on data cleansing process. The SMART meter reading will assist in achieving accurate meter reading.