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Theft and vandalism of municipal property and equipment

As a municipality we would like to sensitise our community about the vandalism that is taking place in our area, especially RATANDA. People that are doing this are staying with us in the area, these are professional people. They are causing the municipality lot of money that we don’t have by stealing these electrical equipment. Below here is a pole transformer.

Pole Transformers

This is costing the municipality an amount of approximately R100 000.00 to replace and that money could be used to ensure service delivery is adhered to.  This also causes inconvenience to you members of the community.

Below here is a MINI-Substation which consists of the transformer and switchgear sides. These equipment’s are prone to theft and vandalism.

Mini-sub Switchgear

The thieves steal copper and exchange it for cash at the scrap dealers.  This acts cause the services to be disrupted.  They also pose a safety risk to children and community members at large due to electrocutions that may result. Damage to household appliances is also caused by these acts. A new Mini Sub causes the municipality approximately R350 000.00.

Mini-sub Transformers

Man-hole Covers

Below is a Man-hole cover that is also one of the items that are being stolen.  One open Man-hole can cause danger to the public in a form of a child or a person falling in it. Vehicle accidents can also be caused. 

Cables & Conductors

Above are copper cables and over-head conductors which are also prone to theft. The cost of a 185mm2 cable is approximately R700.00 per meter. This hits hard at the municipality.


  • Interaction with SAPS
  • Be part of Copper theft committees
  • Analysis of daily statistics
  • Raids on scrap-yards and closure of illegal ones (Enforce 2nd Hand Goods Act).
  • Utilisation of CCTV cameras

Sometimes is not safe for the public to confront these criminals and therefore the best option is to call your sector police at the numbers below.

SAPS Contacts

Sector 1 – 071 675 7313 or 071 675 7317

(Ext. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, Tokolohong)

Sector 2 – 071 675 7315 or 071 675 7318

(Ext. 23, 26, Farms) or directly call

Captain Nkabinde – 071 612 1864